The 64-bit version of PDF24 Creator is offered in two formats:

The executable binary is characterized as "PRIVATE, x64". As PDF24 Creator is promoted to be free for private use as well as commercial use I wondered about having to decide on that criteria.

I hereby would to encourage making the differences more transparent:

A look at the website PDF24 Creator Download - Current And Older Versions indicates that the choice less about licensing but rather a matter of the format: The provided versions are called "MSI Installer" and "Normal Installer" respectively.

Download size of the MSI file is about 20% bigger than the EXE file. In general, the relation may even be reverse.

Do "Optimized for private use" and "For deployment on company computers" indicate some more differences?
In other words: Do both installers deliver the same PDF24 Creator just in another format/envelope?

With respect to information provided at What's the difference between an EXE and a MSI installer? I generally prefer the MSI format. Is there any reason not to rely on the standard Microsoft Installer format with a lot more of package meta data (see file properties - details)?

I would like to submit the following suggestions to facilitate an appropriate and informed decision on the format:

  • I feel it would be clearer to primarily indicate that the JavaScript reference to "startCreatorDownload('private', '10.0.12')" yields the Windows Executable File format, e.g. "EXE, x64".
  • If there is no legal reason to limit the exe file to private computers I consider a description like "Best choice for private use" to be more adequate.
  • Additionally it might help users to supply file size and release date with the download link.
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