Alternative to FreePDF

Are you looking for an alternative to FreePDF?

In the last few weeks we have received some requests from companies looking for an alternative, because the FreePDF project will probably not be continued. The question was mostly whether PDF24 is a complete replacement for FreePDF.

In my opinion, the answer is clearly YES. The PDF24 Creator is in no way inferior to FreePDF. On the contrary, PDF24 Creator offers many more features and functions that are not included in FreePDF. So you can do nothing wrong with the PDF24 Creator.

The PDF24 Creator is free of charge, both for private individuals and companies. Companies can roll out the software onto their computers. The PDF24 Creator can also be used under Citrix. An MSI is available to make the distribution work better. Despite freeware, the PDF24 Creator is free of viruses, spyware and other malware, which is rarely found today. Isn't it great?

I hope that with this contribution I have been able to help people who are also looking for an alternative. I hope you enjoy PDF24 Creator.

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