WordPress PDF Plugin 3.5 released

The new version 3.5 of the PDF24 WordPress PDF pluigin brings support for WordPress Custom fields. Look at the newest plugin version to get more information about this new feature. The main idea is to mark your content with the pdf24Plugin_begin() and pdf24Plugin_end() method so that the pdf24 plugin knows what content is to add ... Read more

New PDF24 WordPress Plugin coming soon

A new WordPress version is in development. Peaple who uses the PDF24 WordPress plugin and who miss a feature then it's the best time to make a feature request. The WordPress plugin site is located here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/pdf24-post-to-pdf/ If you do not know the PDF24 WordPress plugin, the above page gives you detailed information. Summarized the ... Read more

PDF24 WordPress PDF Plugin

The WordPress PDF Plugin provided by PDF24 is a much used PDF plugin. The background system which is used to convert the wordpress articles to PDF is stable and handles thousands of documents a day. Feel free to use this plugin in you blog. There are some advantages why you should use the plugin: User ... Read more