PDF24 Creator silent setup

The PDF24 Creator setup is created with InnoSetup. Therefore you can use all the command flags which are documented on InnoSetup developer page. There is also flags for installing in silent mode without user interaction.

If you have downloaded the pdf24.exe you can start the setup with
pdf24.exe /SILENT or with
pdf24.exe /VERYSILENT

When installing with argument /SILENT, the setup installs the pdf24 creator without user interaction but display the installation process.
When installing with argument /VERYSILENT, the setup installs pdf24 creator without user interaction to, but don't displays the installation process.

This is very nice for firms which wants to install the pdf24 creator on client pc's via network.

Another release of PDF24 Creator

We habe released another release of PDF24 Creator with version 2.5.1. The version contains a better icon set with large icons for windows vista and windows 7. Icons look now much better if you have choosen a large preview in windows. Forthermore this version contains a better language selection at program start. This version is shipped with a german and english language file. The older version 2.5 has a problem selecting the correct language on non german systems. On this systems the german language file is choosen at first program start, but this is bad. Besides this the language can be changed via the small PDF creation assistent and in settings of PDF editor user interface.

The new version 2.5.1 is now the default pdf24 creator download. Have fun with the new version.

New Version of PDF24 Creator becomes available tomorrow!

We have devoeloped a new version of PDF24 Creator and we releases this version tomorrow. The new vesion contains a lot of new features:

* PDF Profiles to set quality of a PDF
* Send PDF via Email
* Sign a pdf
* Removed bugs
* Improved image to pdf conversion
* Improved usability
* and much more

The new version works with Windows Xp, Vista and Windows 7.

PDF24 PDF Creator now available for Windows 7


we have improved our setup program of PDF24 PDF Creator so that the PDF Software can be installed and used on Windows 7 now. The setup can be used for 32 bit and 64 bit environments. We are also working on a new version. A lot of new feature and improvements are already integrated. We have a lot to do until the new version is ready for use. In a few weeks the time has come. It's worth waiting.