PDF24 PDF API written in Javascript

The team of PDF24.org is working on a PDF API for the javascript language. This API
can be used to create PDF files in article based systems like blogs, foren or wiki

How the API works:

The API gives you a interface to define contents for a PDF files. Contents are a
document title and multiple body parts. A body part contains a title and a title url,
a author, a date and time and a text.

After inserting all parts the PDF file can be created. Therefore the API create a formular
and inserts all contents in it with a special structure. This formular is submitted
in a popup windows to a pdf24.org service where the PDF files will be created.

The Javascript API is great for systems like forum, Blog, Wiki and other article
based ones. The APi is easy to use and therefore can be integrated in article
based systems within a short time.

The Javascript variant of the api is easier to use as the existing variant for PHP.