Online Reader from PDF24 can now read various document types

The online reader from PDF24 can now read and display a lot of document formats, not just only PDF files. The reader can open PDF, HTML, Text, Images and files of the programs Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Open Office. You can embed the reader into your website to display a document file. PDF24 provides therefore a code generator to create an appropriate code to read and display a document located in the web via an URL. Test the reader.

New Document to PDF Converter

PDF24 has released a new online Document to PDF converter which can convert documents of different formats to PDF. You can choose between 3 modes to create your PDF file:

* Choose a file and convert it to PDF
* Conert a file via an URL to PDF
* Convert a webpage via an URL to PDF
* Convert a HTML formatted text or a plain text to PDF

The new Online PDF Converter ist easy to use. After a PDF file is created you have to download it. Therefore a PDF download link appears after the PDF is ready. That way you can create your PDF files online fast and easily. If you prefer a windows programm to create pdf files, you can use the free PDF Creator by PDF24.

PDF24 WordPress Article To PDF Plugin

PDF24 has released Version 3.0.1 of his WordPress Article To PDF Plugin. The new plugin is a major release and contains some interessting new features, e.g.

- direct PDF download
- place PDF Download Links everywhere in you blog
- a lot of new styles
- customizing PDF style
- visualized PDF creation process

An update to the new version of the WordPress PDF Plugin is recommended for everyone.