Tip for users who use the free PDF24 PDF Creator, if some PDF files can't be opened with the PDF24 Editor

Sometimes it may happen that some PDF files can not be opened and edited with the PDF24 Editor which is part of the PDF24 Creator. The causes are different. I've often seen that some programs create incorrect PDF files for which the PDF24 Editor throws an error while loading the file. Here I have a tip if the file can be opened in a PDF reader which is often the case.

Simply create a new PDF file by printing the PDF on the PDF24 PDF printer. This creates a new PDF file with the same contents that is compatible with the PDF24 Editor. In every case you have problems with some PDF files you can use this tip to create a new working PDF file.

PDF24 Creator 3.5.1 released

We have released version 3.5.1 of PDF24 Creator. There was a bug in watermark feature which this version fixes. The watermark could not be putted under the content of the file. It always was shown above the content regardless what option the user has selected. Now it should work. Furthermore we have added a new language file for the language Lithuanian.