Next version of PDF24 Creator in development

The next PDF24 Creator version is in development. We have planned to add some new usability enhancement which regards dragging & dropping. The next version shall support drag & drop in internal explorer tree. Drag & drop shall be possible between the tree component Explorer tree, explorer list and document list. Furthermore drag & drop shall be enhanced in interacting with other applications.

PDF24 Creator 3.6 released

The following has been changed:

  • Selection of multiple files in import dialog of PDF24 Editor
  • Multi-page TIFF support in Drag & Drop import in PDF24 Editor added
  • Bugfix: Uppercase/lowercase bug in email function of PDF24 Assistant fixed
  • Image to PDF A4 paper size optimization added
  • New Drag & Drop support added to PDF24 editor

WordPress PDF Plugin 3.3 released

We have released a new version of our PDF24 WordPress PDF Plugin. The current version is 3.3. The new version of the PDF plugin fixes a bug and brings one new feature.

  • Added a new feature. You can disable the PDF boxes and PDF links on WordPress pages. The options can be configured in plugin settings. You can do that individually for each of the built in sub plugins.
  • Fixed a bug in link sub plugin. Styles could not be customized.

PDF24 Documents

We are developing a version of our software which manages the document area on After the new version is finished we will provide some presentations and help documents in the same way as we had done it on the German pages. Please wait a little if you are searching for such documents.