Slightly improved Document To PDF service

We have improved the PDF24 Document to PDF service. There was a little bug in the Mailer which sends the generated PDF files to an email address. If someone has used this combined with the email type text/plain then the text of the email was attached to the email and not inlined. The type text/html worked fine.

This change affects some plugins PDF24 privides. These are the WordPress PDF plugin and the PDF24 API.

PDF24 WordPress PDF Plugin

The WordPress PDF Plugin provided by PDF24 is a much used PDF plugin. The background system which is used to convert the wordpress articles to PDF is stable and handles thousands of documents a day. Feel free to use this plugin in you blog. There are some advantages why you should use the plugin:

  • User can create a PDF of you articles to read it later. This is a nice feature which a lot of peoples uses.
  • All articles inside the PDF are linked with you blog. If someone send the PDF to friends or other people and they click on the titles they reach your blog.
  • Plugin can be customized
  • Plugin lightweight and no performance killer

If you some nice ideas on how to improve or extend the PDF plugin so let us know.

New PDF24 Creator 3.8 released

The new version of the free PDF24 Creator contains some new features and fixes some bugs.


  • New feature: Blank pages can be added to documents
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug in PDF library
  • Added /NOUPDATE flag to setup
  • Changed button name Save in format options dialog to Continue...
  • Romanian and Bulgarian language files added
  • All language files overworked
  • Improved data removement if not used any more
  • Slightly improved drag & drop support in editors document list
  • Invert selection feature added to page extract dialog
  • Mouse wheel feature added to page container in page extract dialog