PDF24 Creator 4.1 released

We have released the PDF24 Creator 4.1.0. The primary intention of this version was to fix bugs but nevertheless we also have introduced some new things which regards the setup and the application itself.

This are the changes:

  • Bug fix: Default Printer Bug fixed
  • Component based setup introduced
  • Language file Hungarian added
  • Added more meta information to language files
  • New version of the language file Italian added

People who need more information about the changes can read our detailed PDF24 Creator changelog.

PDF24 Creator 4.0 released

We have released the new PDF24 Creator 4.0 which brings new features and fixes some bugs.

List of changes:

  • Added debug console to several parts of PDF24 by pressing F12
  • Bug fix: PDF creation problem when Ghostscript was installed before
  • Bug fix: Wrong state of Save All icon in PDF24 Editor toolbar
  • Bug fix: Fixed some PDF profile inconsistencies in several modules

PDF24 Creator 3.9 released

Version PDF24 Creator 3.9 contains the following changes:

  • Slovak and Finnish translation added
  • Misspellings in english language file removed
  • Fixed a bug in drag & drop to windows explorer
  • Remember last used profile in assistant and auto select last used profile after printing on PDF printer

Works on next version PDF24 Creator 4.0 are ongoing. Will be available soon.