Sending Faxes with PDF24

The PDF24 Fax service becomes more and more popular. We are very pleased about that and this makes us so happy that we continue development of the service and all related software products.

Currently, thousands of people use the PDF24 Fax Service to send faxes. Several hundred faxes are delivered every day. Several hundred people register for this free service every day to send her faxes with PDF24. This speaks for this service and the simplicity sending faxes with PDF24.

We receive many mails from people who have searched for such a solution:
Opening a document and sending as a fax.

Register for this free service with no obligations and no risks. You can delete your account at every time if you want.

PDF24 Creator 4.4 released

The new PDF24 Creator is available for download. The new version fixes some bugs and brings new features.

Overview of all changes:

  • Better names when loading a document into the PDF24 Editor
  • Bug in PDF24 Editor fixed
  • Better names for files when saving as an image
  • Added support for new keys in page container of a document
  • Support for new keys in document container of the editor added
  • Improved drag & drop of pages in the PDF24 Editor
  • Fixed a bug concerning the debug console
  • Components of the PDF24 Creator improved
  • New version of ZLib added
  • The setup itself now supports new languages: Hungarian, Danish, Finnish
  • New language file Croatian added and some other language files overworked

A detailed list of all changes are available in the changelog.

PDF24 Creator 4.3 released

The new PDF24 Creator 4.3 is available for download. The new version brings some new features and fixes some bugs.

Overview of changes:

  • Fixed temporary file bugs
  • Automatic file conversion to PDF optimized
  • Automatic document conversion sequentialized
  • Printing of multiple documents to PDF24 Editor sequentialized
  • Printing many documents to PDF24 Editor optimized
  • PLanguage file fixes
  • Bugs in Updater fixed and Updater extended
  • Language file updates: Lithuanian, Czech, Italian, Spanish