PDF24 Fax Service improved

We have improved the PDF24 Fax Service. We have extended the list of supported countries. Currently you can send faxes with PDF24 for free into the following countries:

+385 Croatia
+420 Czech Republic
+357 Cyprus
+370 Lithuania
+423 Liechtenstein
+353 Ireland
+352 Luxembourg
+351 Portugal
+354 Iceland
+376 Andorra
+358 Finland
+39 Italy
+49 Germany
+48 Poland
+32 Belgium
+33 France
+47 Norway
+31 Netherlands
+34 Spain
+41 Switzerland
+46 Sweden
+45 Denmark
+43 Austria
+30 Greece
+44 United Kingdom
+7 Russia

The PDF24 Fax-Service is located here: https://fax.pdf24.org

The Fax service is for free. Sign up to send your faxes for free with the also free PDF24 Creator. Sending faxes with PDF24 is very comfortable. Just clock in the Fax button, enter the fax number and PDF24 sends your fax. Try it... it's free.

WordPress PDF Plugin 3.5 released

The new version 3.5 of the PDF24 WordPress PDF pluigin brings support for WordPress Custom fields. Look at the newest plugin version to get more information about this new feature.

The main idea is to mark your content with the pdf24Plugin_begin() and pdf24Plugin_end() method so that the pdf24 plugin knows what content is to add to the PDF file. More information is provides here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/pdf24-post-to-pdf/

New PDF24 WordPress Plugin version 3.4 available

Whats new in WordPress PDF Plugin 3.4?

  • Overworked and improved some core parts of the plugin to
    realize the new features which follows below.
  • Added the feature that you can specify the filename of the
    resulting PDF file. Names can be added for several blog areas.
    These are the home page, category pages, blog pages, single post
    pages and search pages. Placeholders are available for each of
    the different names. The new settings are available in plugin
    settings in admin area.
  • Added display permission for each of the plugin types
    (content bar, top bottom bar, sidebar, links). You can specify
    where the plugin can display a PDF bar or link. You can disable
    the bars, boxes or links on home page, category pages, blog
    pages, single post pages and search pages. The new settings are
    available in plugin settings in admin area.


New PDF24 WordPress Plugin coming soon

A new WordPress version is in development. Peaple who uses the PDF24 WordPress plugin and who miss a feature then it's the best time to make a feature request.

The WordPress plugin site is located here:

If you do not know the PDF24 WordPress plugin, the above page gives you detailed information. Summarized the plugin converts articles of your blog to PDF. After created the user can download the PDF file.

PDF24 Creator 4.4.2 released

The new PDF24 Creator version 4.4.2 and the older version 4.4.1 mainly fixes bugs. All changes of these two version are summarized as follows:

Version 4.4.2
* Fixed a critical bug in PDF lib
* Fixed a critical bug when dropping files into the PDF24 Editor
* New language file version: Portuguese

Version 4.4.1
* Non-translated GUI elements added to language files
* New language files version of Danish, Italian, Russian
* Some minor bug fixes