PDF24 Creator 6.0 released

We have released the new PDF24 Creator 6.0. A lot of changes are part of the new version.

Overview of changes:

* BugFix: Reworking of digital paper feature
* BugFix: Extra page when adding watermarks
* Improvement: Renaming of PDF24 Editor to PDF24 Creator
* Improvement: Ghostscript 9.10 is now used
* Feature: Screen Capture to clipboard
* Improvement: Changed a license part for the good of the user
* Feature: Default save folder = source folder of loaded file
* Improvement: "Target could not be found" issue fixed
* BugFix: Fixed the page from .. to feature when saving files
* Improvement: Fixed some GUI issues
* Improvement: Save as Dialog cut on screens some screens
* Feature: New output filter TEXT added
* Improvement: Restructuring of the settings
* Feature: Open PDF file after storing it
* Improvement: Extended language files
* BugFix: Resetting the default printer
* Feature: Auto-Save feature added
* Improvement: Optimized the print feature
* Improvement: Fixed issues with umlauts and some other characters

More information about the change are available in the PDF24 Creator changelog.

Workings on Release 6.0 are ongoing


currently we work hard to add new features and to improve some parts for release version 6.0. The feature list for version 6.0 is growing and we use the current flow to add more features and to improve more parts of the application. As soon as we have a stable release tag we will publish the new version.

We would also like to make you aware of bringing in your ideas and desired feature so that we can decide what we can do or add to the next version. A lot of features are user driven. Send us your wishes and we will schedule them for the next releases.