The new PDF24 Creator 6.2 is available

The new PDF24 Creator 6.2 is available for download. That are the changes of the new version:

BugFix: Added a TWAIN fix
Added a Twain fix which could cause an application crash in some circumstances

BugFix: Preview generation could cause application crash
The PDF24 Creator could crash if the user drags & drop pages from one document to another while the preview generation of the documents is still in progress.

Improvement: Faster preview generation

The preview generation in the PDF24 creator is now more parallel. This is faster on CPU's with multiple cores.

Improvement: Custom page size section of the PDF printer driver optimized
Optimized the PDF printer driver in terms of custom page sizes. Sometimes the wrong page size was used.

Improvement: ParseDSCComments is now enabled
This parses the DSC comments and add that information to the target document.

Update: Updated all language files
We have updated all language files and added some new elements too, which are currently not fully translated. We update the files on a rolling basis as soon as we get translations from the translators.

PDF24 Creator 6.1 released

We have released the new PDF24 Creator 6.1. This are the summarized changes of this version:

* Skip button on Create PDF24 Account setup page
* Default file name for the auto save feature
* PDF24 Tray menu can be opened with left mouse button
* Settings module optimized
* Layout orientation (horizontal/vertical) is now saved in profile
* File extension handling via printer interface is now more intelligent
* Updated translation files
* Send To entry for the PDF24 Creator

More information about the changes is available in the PDF24 Creator changelog.