New PDF24 Creator 6.4.1 released

The free PDF24 Creator 6.4.1 is available for download. The changes are:

* BugFix: TWAIN Import Bug fixed
* BugFix: Files were not signed in version 6.4.0
* Improvement: TEMP directory detection improved
* BugFix: Drag & Drop Bar fix added
* BugFix: PDF color model fixes added

Feel free to download the new version here:

PDF24 Creator 6.4 released

That's new in this release:

Improvement: Ghostscript 9.14 is now shipped with this release

Improvement: Language file updates
Affected language files: German, Italian, French, Lithuanian, Czech

Improvement: Setup translation updates of several languages

BugFix: Fixed a minor bug in the PDF24 PDF lib
The bug could cause an application crash when the user loads a special PDF file.