PDF24 Creator 6.9.2 released

Sometimes the default printer was not changed back after having changed temporarily to convert a file to PDF. This version fixes that and resets the printer as default which where the default printer before. Another problem was the conversion of Excel files when the PDF24 PDF printer was not the default printer. In that case the conversion failed. That's also fixed.

PDF24 Creator 6.9.1 released

Some users reported us application crashes in version 6.9.0. We investigated the problem and found a part which caused the crashes. Version 6.9.1 brings a fix for this issue.

If you have further problems, don't hesitate to contact us so that we can fix all issues. We have a support forum where you can submit your issues. You can also send us mails directly to forum@pdf24.org.

PDF24 Creator 6.9 available

The next version of the free PDF24 Creator is available. You can download the new version from our pages. The new version brings new features, fixes bugs and improves a lot of things. The summarized changes are:

* Improvement: Optimized auto save feature
* Improvement: Better support for converting MS Office files to PDF
* Feature: Support for the backspace key within the file explorer list
* Improvement: Improved label editing within the file list
* Improvement: Improved the file explorer list in point of speed
* Improvement: Improved the file explorer tree
* Improvement: Optimized the start condition of a Drag & Drop operation in the explorer tree
* Feature: Added an input field for the currently opened folder
* Improvement: Updated some language file

Hope you have fun with the new version. If you feel that there is something wrong with the new version or if you need some specific features, feel free to contact us via our support forum.

The next version is planned and will be released in a few weeks.