PDF24 Creator 7.0 released

Yesterday we have released the FREE PDF24 Creator 7.0. The new version brings new features, fixes some bugs and improves a lot of things. The list of changes is long so that we do not post the list here. You can find all changes on the page https://en.pdf24.org/pdf-creator-changelog.html

Version 7 is the best version we have ever made. The setup and the application contains NO adware and NO spyware or any other third party software. A lot of competitors use that kind of things to monetize the software.

Version 7.0 is, as usual, free. We have translations for 32 languages and most of them are up to date.

We hope that you like the new version.

Always download from the http://www.pdf24.org site so that you will get a clean version with a clean installer.