PDF24 Creator 7.0.4 released

The new PDF24 Creator 7.0.4 fixes another bug. Users have reported that the assistant opens in background if you print a file on the PDF printer. That's a bit annoying and version 7.0.4 fixes that. If you see more bugs, please report them in our forum and we will fix it as soon as possible.

PDF24 Creator 7.0.1 released

We just released the new PDF24 Creator 7.0.1 to fix a bug. In Version 7.0.0 the assistant crashes at startup when the PDF24 fax component is not installed. That's really a big problem for companies because they often do not use PDF24 fax. Version 7.0.1 fixes that bug.

The new version is available as EXE (normal use) and MSI version (distribution on company client PC's).