PDF24 Creator 7.3.0 available for download

The new PDF24 Creator 7.3 is ready and can be downloaded from www.pdf24.org. The new version brings new features, optimizes some parts and fixes some bugs.

* F2 key to change the name of a document in the creator
* Auto generation of owner password
* Change of PDF printer tool
* First try to fix the "Error writing to output file" error
* Not removed temporary files
* New logic to load files into the creator
* PDF security now possible together with file enclosures

All changes are described more detailed in the PDF24 Creator changelog. If you have problems with the new version, don't hesitate to report the problem in our forum. Have fun with the new version.

PDF24 Creator 7.2.0 released

Yesterday we have released the free PDF24 Creator 7.2.0. The new version brings new features and optimizes some parts.The changes are the following:

* Print function added to the Assistant
* PDF print feature optimized
* Open output profiles from the Assistant
* Fixed default page rotation settings
* Output profiles extended and bugs fixed
* GUI Layout Engine extended
* Overlay-Feature added
* Updated the language files

More information about the changes are available in the official changelog at https://en.pdf24.org/pdf-creator-changelog.html

If you have problems with the new version or if you see some things which can be improved, don't hesitate to contact us.

The new version can be downloaded here: https://www.pdf24.org/