PDF24 Creator 7.4.0 released

The new and free PDF24 Creator 7.4.0 is released. You can download the new version from our websites. The ne version brings a new tool to compress PDF files. After you have installed the new version you can open the new tool over your desktop or through the PDF24 start menu folder. Many users have asked for such a tool.

The new tool is small and easy to use. Just open the new tool and add one or more PDF files. The tool load the files and shows the current and the compressed file size. You can manipulate the compression by changing some compression settings. You can recalculate the compressed size based on your new settings. If you are satisfied with the compression you can open and save the compressed file.

Other changes:
* Operating window optimized
* Optimized determination of printer job file names
* Tooltips improved

Have a lot of fun with the new tool and have fun to compress PDF files. If you have problems or if you see improvements, do not hesitate to report that in our support forum.