PDF24 Creator 7.6.1 released

We have the new PDF24 Creator 7.6.1 released which fixes an odd GUI bug in the application window of the creator. If you have installed version 7.6.0 or version 7.5.0, we recommend to switch to the new version 7.6.1. You can download directly from https://www.pdf24.org/

If you have other issues, please report them by sending a mail to forum@pdf24.org.

PDF24 Creator 7.6.0 MSI released

We have released a MSI file of the current PDF24 Creator 7.6.0. You can download this MSI from our website. We have also removed the MSI of the previous version 7.5.0 because we have seen some problems with Windows 10. The MSI of the current version 7.6.0 fixes that issues and the installer should run without problems under Windows 10. If you have some issues with the current MSI, please send us an email to forum@pdf24.org.

PDF24 Creator 7.6.0 released

We have released the new PDF24 Creator 7.6.0. The new version brings one new feature, one optimization and fixes two bugs. Here is a short list with the changes:

* Outlook OLE Email Interface as an alternative added
* Screen Capture feature optimized
* Window size issue fixed
* Fixes issues with PDF-A and PDF-X generation

If you need more information about the changes have a look at our official changelog.

PDF24 Creator 7.5.0 MSI available

Hello again,

the PDF24 Creator 7.5.0 MSI is now also available for download from our pages at https://www.pdf24.org/

The MSI version is also free and you can use the MSI version to deploy the PDF24 Creator in your company.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask us.

PDF24 Creator 7.5.0 released


we have released the new PDF24 Creator 7.5.0. The new version brings some new features, improvements and fixes some bugs.

Changes of version 7.5.0:

* New Launcher added
* GUI engine extended and improved
* Paper size ArchE1 added to the PDF printer
* Drag & Drop of files into the Assistant
* Added more languages to the installer
* Screen Capture feature overworked and improved
* Tray icon improved
* Highlight color in the file list of the assistant changed
* Image export improved
* Assistant or Creator PDF printer targets selection optimized
* Language file updates and corrections
* Application goes into background fixed
* Fixed a bug in the dialog of the join files feature
* Compression tool could rotate pages fixed

If you need more information about the changes, visit our change log at https://en.pdf24.org/pdf-creator-changelog.html

You can download the new version from our website https://www.pdf24.org

We hope you will like the new version and the cool new features. The version is completely free and the installer is clean (contains no adware, spyware or things like that). If you have problems or if you have suggestions, please contact us and we will see what we can do for you. If you like the PDF24 Creator, please share the software with your friends.

The MSI version follows the next days so that you can easily deploy the new version in your company.

Have a nice day.

PDF24 Creator - First version in 2016 coming soon


hope you had a happy new year. Here are some news from PDF24 to keep you updated.

We will release the next version of the PDF24 Creator in a few days. We currently finishing the new version. This will still take some days. The new version brings new features, optimizations and fixes bugs.

We have a lot to do for the next year. There are some cool new features on our road-map which will make the PDF24 Creator better than before.

The downloads and user base are still growing. That shows that we are on a good way with this free PDF Printer.