PDF24 Creator 8.0.4 released

We have just released the new PDF24 Creator 8.0.4. The new version fixes a bug under Windows XP. Some users have reported that the PDF printer could no longer be used. Print jobs remain in the printer queue. We have analyzed that issue under a fresh Windows XP and we could fix the bug.

Changes in version 8.0.4:

* PDF printer was not always usable under Windows XP
* Info text "Not started as Admin" on the PDF printer settings page

More detailed information about the changes are available in out official change under den URL https://en.pdf24.org/pdf-creator-changelog.html.

The updater now delivers version 8.0.4 instead of version 8.0.3.

If you have problems with your PDF printer under Windows XP, then you should update to the latest version 8.0.4. If you have more issues wit the current version, don't hesitate to send as an email to forum@pdf24.org.

PDF24 Creator 8.0.3 released


the new version 8.0.3 of the free PDF24 Creator is finished and is available for download from the www.pdf24.org pages. The PDF24 Creator 8.0.3 fixes some bugs and brings new language files. New features are not part of this version. Following is a short list of all changes:

* Fixed Loading of PDF files with small errors
* A lot of language files updated
* Issue with file extensions fixed
* File Explorer Drag & Drop Bug of folders fixed

Version 8.0.3 is stable. We have fixed all bugs which we know. This version is a candidate to update older versions via the update mechanism of the software.

The program and installer is free of viruses and other malware which could harm your system. You can install without worries.

The next version 8.1.0 is in progress and will be a feature release which means that the next version will contain some new features. The new version is planned for the beginning of 2017.

We hope that you will love this new version. If so, then don't forget to share the application with your friends. The more people use the software, the more fun we have to develop new features and the more fun we have, the faster we are.