New free online PDF tools available


we have created 3 new and also free online PDF tools for you. These tools can now be used. Currently we have 18 tools in our Online PDF toolbox. Nice, isn't it?

1. Remove PDF password
Remove the password from PDF files and save the PDF files unsecured. This password removal tool does exactly that. Securing a PDF with a password was already in our toolbox and this new tool does exactly the opposite.
Remove PDF password

2. Optimize PDF files for the web
To optimize PDF files for the web is no longer an obstacle. We have now the right tool for that purpose, free, simple and easy to use.
Optimze PDF for web

3. Recognize text via OCR
This effective OCR PDF tool can be used to recognize text in scanned documents or photos. The tool recognizes text in input files and creates a new and searchable PDF file.

PDF24 Creator 8.2.1 released

We have released the new PDF24 Creator 8.2.1. You can download the new version from our pages. This version improves some things and fixes some bugs.

Here is a short list of the changes:

  • Improvement: Print job name of print tool changed
  • Improvement: Use the online converter if no PDF printer is installed
  • Improvement: Scanner import tool can be disabled
  • Improvement: Message if the PDF24 Windows service is not running
  • BugFix: Cloud print error in assistant
  • BugFix: Rendering of buttons improved

If you like more information about the changes in this version, then have a look at the PDF24 Creator changelog. The changelog gives you more details about all changes.

If you like the new version, feel free to share the PDF24 Creator with your friends and fellows on Facebook, Twitter and Co.