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    I faced with a font error. let me explain my steps:

    1-save my word doc. as pdf on word2010
    2-open PDF24 change security setting (I wanna put password ...etc.)
    3-then open it in acrobat faced with an error.
    in the error, it says "cannot extract the embedded font 'UZUFKE+Arial,Bold-Identity-H'. Some characters may not display or print correctly"

    some characters looks bold, some not appear...etc

    4-open it in foxit and no problem

    anyone can help me?[/img]



    Try to print your file on the PDF24 PDF printer to create a PDF files. This should hopefully work. If not, open the printer properties when printing on the PDF printer, click extended and select the Download as soft font option of the true type select box. Then try to print again.



    I've got the same issue with different files. Is there anyway to fix it? No problems on foxit or chrome pdf viewer

    I need to proces a lot of files, which could be openend with adobe.

    PS: PDF24 is really great!!



    I think the Acrobat Reader had a bug. Ever tried with the current Acrobat reader?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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