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    One of my user in the purchasing dept. wants to keep all documents related to an order in one PDF and uses PDF24 for this purpose. I would like to improve the process and reduce the folder navigation when saving the resulting PDF.

    This is the process today :

    1. Save an attached PDF from an email.
    2. Start PDF24 and browse to the saved PDF in step 1
    3. Drag and drop the file to the editing area
    4. Browse to the folder containing the supplier (year\type of supply\supplier name)
    5. Drag and drop the PDF file related to this order in the editing area
    6. Move all the pages or some of them from "PDF received per email" to "current order PDF"
    7. Save the "current order PDF" with the added pages. Save process starts, next, then
    8. Browse to the supplier folder year\type of supply\supplier name
    9. Save the file

    Browsing in step 1 and 2 is quick as it's saved temporarly on the desktop.
    Step 4 takes some time as you browse to the folders, but this is of course needed.
    Step 8 is redundant with step 4.
    Is there a way to improve the process ?

    What I would like is the program to default to the folder containing the modified PDF when saving. The existing process could be used when choosing "Save as" and a "Save" would propose to save over the same file with defaults parameters.

    But maybe there is another way to complete the process with an option I didn't see or another approach I could propose my user ?

    I have tested on Windows 10 and PDF24 is version 8.7.1

    Thank you,





    I tested the same process with 8.8.2 and now it does offer the folder where the file is edited as save(as) default.

    Issue solved.

    Thank you,


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