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    Apologies but I've already posted this to the wrong area of the forum I think (online Converter) so am now posting here - it's a PDF24 printer question.

    I've created a Visual Basic 6 program which loads all documents in a folder and then prints to PDF using PDF24.

    In the PDF24 Assistant under Settings.......PDF Printer........Auto Save
    I notice that there are fields for Output Directory AND Filename.

    Also, under Settings.......PDF Printer........PDF Printer Tool there is an option to "Automatically save documents after printed".

    Finally, to get to my question, does anyone know if the Output Directory and Filename can be assigned / changed from within Visual Basic so that each document can then be automatically saved as PDF's into different directories with different filenames of my choosing ?

    Many thanks for any help offered.




    there is an easier solution with PDF24. Just use the PDF24 DocTool. You can use the DocTool to create PDF files from documents and you can advise this tool to save the file under a specified file name.

    Just call the docTool without parameters to get the command line description.




    Kind of late but maybe this will help you.

    In the Settings of Assistent, if you set:
    > Output directory to C:\PDF\%UserName% and
    > Filename as $fileName

    Your report of VBA will be stored in a seperate folder by user and with the VBA reportname as filename.



    Hi everyone,

    I would like to know if there is a way setting the file name according CLIPBOARD (you know, I copied by CTRL+C some text "ABCD" and I want to use it as the name of the file.)

    Of course I can do it manualy - when saving the file I will pres CTRL+V ...but I wanted to have it done automatically...perhaps by %variables?

    thank you.

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