How to merge PDF files into one PDF

With PDF24 you can merge PDF files in different ways. Whether online or offline, PDF24 gives you the tools you need to quickly and easily merge PDF files. PDF24 provides you with all the necessary tools free of charge. You'll be thrilled, because PDF24 leaves nothing to be desired. Below are all the options for merging a PDF.

Merge PDF files online with PDF24

The PDF24 online tools allow you to quickly and easily merge PDF files. The PDF Merge tool is designed to make merging as easy as possible. There's really no easier way to merge PDFs.

Online PDF merger user interface

It's that simple to combine PDF files online:

  • Open the Merge PDF in the PDF24 Toolbox. You can merge entire files or you can merge PDF files page by page.
  • Select your PDF files from the file box on the tool page you want to combine.
  • Get your files in the right order by grabbing them and moving them to the right position.
  • Now start combination or switch to Page mode to merge page by page.
  • Now save your newly merged PDF on your computer.

Tip: With this online merge tool, you can not only merge PDFs, but also any other file that PDF24 can convert into PDF format. These include Word, Powerpoint, Excel, JPG, ODT and many more.

Hints: Files that you use with the online tools are completely removed from the servers after one hour. No files are stored, evaluated or used in any other way.

Security notes for online PDF merging

The security of your files is our top priority and PDF24 takes security very seriously. Some people may have some concerns about processing files with an online tool. To take away your fear a little, here are some clues for processing files with the online system:

  • Files that you use with the online tools are completely removed from the servers after one hour. No files are stored, evaluated or used in any other way.
  • All processing servers are located within the EU. Special software is used to store files as securely as possible during processing.

Merge PDFs without installing any software

Unlike offline software that is installed on your system, the online PDF merge tool does not need to be installed. It runs directly in your browser and you can start right away.

There are no special system requirements for online PDF merging

The nice thing about the online file merge app is that there are no special system requirements. The application works under all current browsers and operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android or iPhone.

The quality is maintained during assembly

You don't have to worry about the quality of your documents. Merging pages does not affect the quality of the page content of your PDF. The online tool combines the pages of the PDFs so that the quality of the PDFs is preserved.

Combine PDFs offline with the PDF24 Creator

Not everyone wants to work online and send their documents to the Internet. We can understand that and therefore we develop the PDF24 Creator, with which you can work offline. With the PDF24 Creator, merging files is also very easy.

PDF24 Creator - Merge PDF user interface

How to connect PDFs with the PDF24 Creator

  • Install the PDF24 Creator and open the Creator via the Desktop-Icon
  • Now drag files into the right half of the window to load them. You can use all files that the PDF24 Creator can convert to PDF on your system. A conversion is performed automatically if a file is not a PDF.
  • You can now create an empty file using the corresponding icon in the toolbar, into which you then insert the individual pages.
  • Now grab pages in the documents with the mouse and drag them into the empty document. Do this with all pages that should be present in the new file.
  • Once your compilation is ready, you can save your new file as a PDF file.

Tip: You can also merge entire files with the PDF24 Creator. Simply click on the Join icon in the toolbar and PDF24 will connect the files in the list to one file and show you the new file, which you can then save.

Merge PDFs using a zipper like method

Combining PDFs with a zipper method is useful in a variety of situations. The procedure works according to the following scheme:

  • Append all first pages
  • Append all second pages
  • Append all third pages
  • etc.
Alternating PDF merge via zipper like method

Those who want to merge scanned files will love this new feature in PDF24 Creator, because here the front and back sides are in different files. To make a PDF out of these two files, you have to use the zipper method. With the second document, however, you must first reverse the page order. In the context menu of a file there is a suitable function to do this before.

How to merge PDFs using the zipper method:

  • Load the document with the front pages and the document with the back pages into the Creator.
  • Invert the page order of the document with the backs if necessary. To do this, open the context menu of the file and click on the corresponding menu item.
  • Now click on the zipper merge icon in the toolbar.
  • Save the PDF file you have merged in this way.


PDF24 makes it easy to merge PDF files. With PDF24's Online PDF Tools, you can connect your PDFs with just a few clicks. This easy way to merge PDF files makes this tool very attractive.

The offline software in the form of the PDF24 Creator does not have to hide. With this tool you can also create your PDFs quickly and easily. Those who do not want to send their files to a web service, e.g. because security concerns exist or because the company does not allow this, can use the PDF24 Creator without hesitation and merge PDF files offline.