It has come: the pdf24-creator v.2 alpha is available

In the past we have developed a new version of out pdf printer. The pdf24-creator v.2 alpha is available. You can download the program here. We welcome remarks in our forum.

The program allows the creation of pdf from any application, which supports printing. Only print something in you application to our spezial printer named pdf24 and a pdf will be created. Thats easy, isn't it?

The new program has a lot of new features. There is a new user interface comprising a explorer and an interface to edit and view documents. With the explorer you can simply drag and drop documents, not only pdf, to the editing view. If you drag an document other than a pdf, such as word, powerpoint, excel, images, the program automatically converts the document to the required format.

The editing view has a preview of each page in a document. That gives you a quick overview of the contents in the document. You can continue to delete pages, insert pages from another document or merge documents to one. Furthermore there is a viewer for the documents integrated. The viewer shows you the document in a larger size and better quality.

In terms of security there are some options. You can encrypt the pdf so that no one can print or modify or open the document.

If you want to make an image from a page, you can do that with the viewer. Only open a document in the viewer and click the save button. The currently viewed page will be saved.

The installation is very easy. Only a few clicks and the program is installed on your computer. The program will also support the new operation system Windows Vista.

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