New PDF24 Document To PDF Service

The new PDF24 PDF converter system is online
The new Document To PDF service is online, replaced with the old one, and is now used for all conversions of documents to PDF files.

In the new system, a lot has happened. The new system is not only more stable, faster and safer, but has also been improved to optimize the quality of the resulting PDF files. This mainly concerns the conversion of HTML to PDF. We, now, already have in use the system for many years, we have continuously improved the system and we have planed to use and improve it over the next years.

Currently, the system converts many thousands of documents per day and is scalable to convert a lot of more documents.

A focus was also on SPAM aspects when the converted document is to send to an email address. In older versions we have tried to make it very difficult for SPAMMERS and in this version we have gone a step further. When an email address is used the first time it must be activated by the recipient and only if an email address is activated the conversion results will be sent to that address. If an e-mail address is already activated, converted documents will be sent directly. This change in the system is, in our opinion, the right way to fight against SPAMMERS.

Interfaces of the service
The new system has a lot of interfaces to access the service.

A Document To PDF Online Form to convert documents, text / html or web page via an URL to a PDF file. Simply select a document, type in text or HTML or specify a URL and the service creates a PDF file from it.

An Email PDF Converter to convert documents attached to emails to PDF files and to send them back to the sender. Very useful tool.

The WordPress PDF Plugin can be used to convert articles in your WordPress blog into a PDF file, so that the user can download the PDF or receive it via e-mail. All links in the created PDF file links back to your WordPress blog.

The Blogger PDF Plugin is like the WordPress PDF Plugin which converts articles in your Blogger blog to a PDF file so that users can download or send the PDF file via email.

The phpBB PDF MOD is for your phpBB forum to create PDF files from postings in your forum. All links in the PDF file also links back to your forum.

Use the Javascript PDF API to create PDF files in a simply way. This API is for article based systems like blogs, forums, wiki systems and others.

There is also a PHP PDF API to access the converter service. Use the PHP API to create a PDF file and to send the PDF file to an email address.

Do you have a website and do you also want a document to PDF converter box on your page? Then add a Webmaster PDF Converter Form to your page which can be easily customized to your needs.

With a PDF bookmark it possible, to create a PDF file by converting a whole website which you are visiting.

More API access options
There are also API's and interfaces to directly connect to the service and to convert documents directly into PDF files which then can be saved locally. Currently we have an implementation in Java but API's for other languages can be easily derived.

These file types are supported
The PDF converter service supports a lot of file types which all can be converted to the PDF file format, including HTML documents or entire websites. Here is a list of file types that are supported.

HTML (htm html)
Images (jpg jpeg png bmp gif tiff tif emf, wmf)
Microsoft Word (doc dot docx dotx)
Microsoft Excel (xlw xls xlt xlsx xltx),
Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt pps pot pptx, potx)
OpenOffice (odt ods odp odg otp ots ott otg)
PostScript (ps)
Text files (rtf txt)

A little tip for SEO interested folks
If you convert a HTML page into a PDF file, then all links will be available in the PDF file and they link back to your page. This is very useful to get more backlinks to your page because if someone creates a PDF file from your page and the PDF file is stored publicly in the internet then Google will see the links. Or if someone sends the file to his friends and someone clicks on a link then this persons will be redirected to your page. Very nice thing.

Questions about the service?
If you have any questions about the service, please visit our forum, post your question there or send us an e-mail to the address and we will try to answer all your questions.

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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