Online PDF tool to extract pages released

We have a new online PDF tool for you, which you can use in your browser now. We have released the tool today and the tool is now available in our toolbox at

This new PDF tool makes it possible to extract pages from PDF files. The tool is very easy to use, just like all the other tools too. Extracting pages from PDF files is now as easy as possible. How much? It's free!

What you have to do to extract pages from PDF files:

  1. Go to
  2. Drop your PDF files into the box or click the box to select your files
  3. The pages of your files are shown below the box. Click on all pages you want to extract.
  4. Click the 'Extract Pages' button to extract the pages and to download the final PDF

That's easy, isn't it? No installation, no hassle, no worries, just the app which runs in your browser on your computer.

We hope that you will like this new tool and if so, please share it with your friends or write something about it in your blog.