Online PDF Tools System improved

Today, we have updated our online PDF Tools backend system, that is responsible for converting files to PDF and for solving problems regarding PDF files. The new system is live and performs well.

The last weeks we have monitored the old system, we have identified weak points and we have optimized some components. The result is now live. This backend system is used by a lot of our online PDF tools, the Online PDF Converter on the pages, the Online PDF Tools at and for several PDF plugins.

The new system has some advantages versus the old one:

  • More jobs can be processed
  • Jobs can be processed faster
  • More robust
  • Reduced probability of outages
  • Easier to extend

Based on this new system, we will release some additional tools and we will improve existing ones. The popularity of the tools grows continuously and that makes us happy and we have more fun to develop new features and to improve things.

If you have problems with the new system or if you have other issues, don't hesitate to contact us. We hope that you will have fun with the new system and we also hope, that you will share our tools with your friends, that you use the tools in your blog or that you write something about it, so that we can grow this free service a bit more.