PDF24 Creator 7.9.0 available for download


we have released the new PDF24 Creator 7.9.0 and you can download the new version from our website at www.pdf24.org. The new version brings new features, improvements and fixes some bugs. We have done a lot to make the new version better than before. The following changes are part of version 7.9.0:

  • Feature: CTRL+V support within the Assistant and compression tool
  • Feature: Compression tool now accepts all file types
  • Feature: Compression tool added to the assistant
  • Feature: A file can be dropped to the PDF24 Launcher
  • Feature: Config option EmailInterface can be used in the HKLM config section
  • Feature: Extended the printer installer tool
  • Improvement: New Windows Explorer context menu extension
  • Improvement: PDF printer description improved
  • Improvement: Improved loading of multiple files within the creator
  • Improvement: Author no longer automatically added to a PDF
  • Improvement: Auto rotate pages option are made more intelligent
  • Improvement: The continue button of the Save As dialog now has the initial focus
  • BugFix: Files in the compression tool can no longer be added twice
  • BugFix: Fixed the debug console
  • BugFix: Fixed an app crash when printing a range of pages

More information about the changes are available in our official changelog at https://en.pdf24.org/pdf-creator-changelog.html.

Requests for future versions or bug reports are welcome and can be sent to forum@pdf24.org. We hope that you like the new version and if so, please share the new version with your friends.