PDF24 Creator 8.1.1 released

Today, we have released the new PDF24 Creator 8.1.1. The new version can be download from the www.pdf24.org pages. This version is a bug-fix release and contains no new features, but fixed bugs.

  • Fixed issues with tooltips
  • Usage of Ghostscript 9.21 that fixes some issues
  • Fixed white spaces issues at command line arguments

If you currently use a version 8.x, then we recommend to update to version 8.1.1, because the new version fixes bugs which could occur with a higher probability. If you want to know more about the changes of new version, then have a look at the PDF24 Creator changelog.

The next version will be 8.2.0, which is a new feature release. Hope you have a nice day and feel free to share the PDF24 Creator with your friends.