PDF24 Creator 8.2.0 released

We have released the new PDF24 Creator 8.2.0. You can download the new version from our www.pdf24.org pages. This version brings a bunch of changes. We have worked hard for two month to make it.

Here is a short list of the changes:

  • Windows DPI scaling are now supported, so that the interfaces are now also clear on high DPI screens.
  • Toggle button in the page extract dialog
  • Not usable elements are better visualized
  • File tools can be invoked from the launcher
  • Automatic image compression option
  • A lot of new icons
  • Output filter dialog optimized
  • Larger buffer to select more files at once
  • Page extract component produces smaller PDF files
  • File icons issue fixed
  • Simple page element view in the creator was broken
  • Tooltip issue fixed when the window is in background

If you like more information about the changes of this new version, then have a look at the PDF24 Creator changelog. The changelog gives you more details about all changes.

If you like the new version and if you like to appreciate our hard work, then feel free to share the PDF24 Creator with your friends and fellows on Facebook, Twitter and Co.