I have embedded the mixed form online converter on my site, but it does not seem to fully function


I have an OLD version of 1 - 2 years ago embedded from https://en.pdf24.org/doc2pdfForm.html on my site http://bit.ly/29fEl4o but I discovered, the Tab-links Upload document & The document URL are no clickable & so do not work. Also I tried to upload a Word doc 6 inserted email but it does not work.

I also tried to use the current code from https://en.pdf24.org/doc2pdfForm.html, but somehow have same problem.

I replaced the old code (above) & inserted the new code at the bottom of the page. for some reason, the form does not keep within the WordPress page layout frame. as you see, the form does not work.

I wonder where the problem could be. I treied it 2, 3 different browsers.

Thank you in advance.

Stefan Ziegler Changed status to publish 2018-06-14