When i right clicked the pdf24 icon in taskbar and selected screen capture

and tried to print  i used to see the printable page , but for some strange reason all i am

getting now is " No Preview Available "  Why, could someone help please ????

fizzbot73 Posted new comment 2023-04-04

I've been having the same issue too, hadix, and have found nothing on pdf24's website to address the question.

And you've received no response find 2/15, and here it is 4/3!

Do we need to speak German? 😉

It started for me when I uninstalled _ALL_ of Adobe's stuff, and installed pdf24.

BTW, congrats on finding your way here; if I hadn't used a search engine, I could not have found the Help center, even with a fresh account. Guess I haven't mastered the "dashboard" yet.