Hi all,

I'd like to understand whether (and how) it is possible to convert PDF documents to SVG via the command line? I am satisfied with the SVG conversion result achieved on the UI but haven't found a way to convert PDFs in an automated way, I haven't found any option neither on the pdf24-DocTool.exe documentation or by considering the use of profiles.

Thanks in advance!

phx1 Posted new comment 2024-04-10

Solved, I was now able to run the conversion via the command line like this:
C:Program FilesPDF24>"C:Program FilesPDF24jrebinjava.exe" -cp "C:Program FilesPDF24libjar*" -Dwindows.acp=1252 -XX:MaxRAMPercentage=80 "org.pdf24.Converter" "-dpi=300" "-imageQuality=85" "C:temptest.pdf" "C:temptest.svg"

(as learned via https://help.pdf24.org/de/fragen/frage/qualitaetsunterschied-toolbox-doctool/)