PDF24 Creator 3.5.2 released

There was a bug in creating and selecting profiles. If you had added and then selected a profile without selecting a certificate in signing options the PDF24 crashed. This bug is fixed. Profiles should work now without signatures settings. Please download PDF24 Creator 3.5.2 which fixes this bug.

PDF24 Creator 3.5.1 released

We have released version 3.5.1 of PDF24 Creator. There was a bug in watermark feature which this version fixes. The watermark could not be putted under the content of the file. It always was shown above the content regardless what option the user has selected. Now it should work. Furthermore we have added a new ... Read more

PDF24 Creator 3.3 released

This is new: * PDF watermark, stamp feature added * Some bugs fixed For more details about the changes visit the change log. The new watermark and stamp feature is the main new feature in PDF24 Creator 3.3. There are a lot of options to configure the watermark. You can use it as a stamper ... Read more

PDF24 Creator 3.2 released

What's new? * Signature feature in Save As dialog integrated * Old signature process removed from editor * PDF security bug fixed * Translations notes added to language files * Language files overworked and new language file Vietnamese added

PDF24 Creator 3.1 released

Rotation bug fixed Properties dialog removed from editor. Properties dialoig added in save, sign and email function Sorting in Explorer Profile bug fixed Language file Czech added Save as in editor nor only as PDF. All other output formats are possible now.

PDF24 Creator 3.0.0 released

This is new: - Rotation of pages in PDF editor - Sorting of documents in editor - Main menu of PDF editor overworked - Editor Start/Close Delay because of remote drives fixed - Language files overworked and updated - Bug in assistant fixed: Saving of a PDF with user profile could break the PDF

PDF24 Creator 2.9.8 released

We have released PDF24 Creator 2.9.8. Some minor bugs have been fixed. New versions are planed. Feature request can be made in our forum. If you are a translator and if you can translate our software into other languages then look at our forum for more instructions on how to translate the PDF24 Creator.