New PDF24 Creator will be released soon

My last posts were mainly about the online PDF tools of PDF24 ( and here is a post about the PDF24 Creator, for all who are waiting for a new version of PDF24 Creator:

We are also working on further versions of the PDF24 Creator and the next version will be released soon.

Next version:
Fixes some minor bugs and updates some components.

Version after next:
Next major version with at least one new feature.

We are working on two major new features and we will release one of them in the next version. Then follow further new features.

We are also trying to synchronize the online PDF tools with the PDF24 Creator so that the same functions are possible with both tools.

PDF scanner tool released in the PDF24 PDF toolbox

Hey guys, here is our new and free PDF tool in the PDF24 toolbox.

It's a PDF scanner app that you can use to scan documents with the camera of your phone. The result is a PDF file which you can download, share, email or whatever. The link to the new tool is here:

Tell us your thoughts. It's the first version of this app and we think that we can still improve some things here and there, but the first version is already good enough so that we decided to release this state.

Please try this new tool and give feedback so that we can improve the app. Our goal is to create the best free PDF scanner app you can get.

Please share this post so we get plenty of feedback to make this app better.

Earn money with PDF24

Earning money with PDF24? Yes, this is possible. How?

Do it like They use the PDF Converter from PDF24 to earn a bunch of money per month. You can do that too!

1) Embed a PDF converter form into your website and offer your users a PDF Conversion service.
2) Monetize that page with Adsense or other ad networks.

We have create some basic forms for you that you can use to build such a page. You can find the forms here:

The forms are very basic and mainly show how it works. Copy a form from that page and customize it, make it nice so that it fits into your page. Make the page easy to use. Present the page to your website visitors. A lot of users like such a service.

We use that PDF Converter too, on our pages. Have a look at the following pages and you will see how it can look like:

We have customized the form and we have used some jQuery plugins to make the form a bit easier to use. You should customize too and that will help you to earn more money.

Let's make money!

Optimization of

The last days we have worked hard to optimize our website The pages are a lot better now.

1. We have optimized the width of the pages (1000px)
2. We use a new font
3. The text is a bit larger now and easier to read
4. Pages are now more responsive
5. We have also optimized for mobile
6. Our FAQ section is now more user friendly
7. Here and there we have changed colors
8. We have a new drop down top navigation

Some still have some minor things to optimized, but most of our optimizations are done.

The next version of our PDF24 Creator is almost finished and we try to release this version at the end of the next week.

We have also planned to optimize our online PDF tools ( and make the pages better. If you have some suggestions, then please send them to us so that we can make this tools better.

Hope you had a nice week and hope to hear from you.

PDF24 Documents

We are developing a version of our software which manages the document area on After the new version is finished we will provide some presentations and help documents in the same way as we had done it on the German pages. Please wait a little if you are searching for such documents.

New Version of PDF24 Creator becomes available tomorrow!

We have devoeloped a new version of PDF24 Creator and we releases this version tomorrow. The new vesion contains a lot of new features:

* PDF Profiles to set quality of a PDF
* Send PDF via Email
* Sign a pdf
* Removed bugs
* Improved image to pdf conversion
* Improved usability
* and much more

The new version works with Windows Xp, Vista and Windows 7.

Products´n website new structure

We´ve been developing so many new tools that we decided to redo our website. A relaunch in a easier design and with many more languages will be the next step.

Now, here comes a list of our new products portfolio:





(wordpress, pageflakes, google personalized homepage, netvibes...)

Hope you like them! We´ll keep you posted on what´s going to be a major update of our free pdf 24-creator - this is going to be big 🙂