Next version of PDF24 Creator in development

A next version of PDF24 Creator is in development. Here are some informations about the next version:

  • We have restructured the whole program so that future development will be easier and therefore new version will be available in shorter times.
  • We have changed the language systems. The new language file structure is better and easier for translators.
  • We have corrected some program icons, so that icons in correct size will be displayed.
  • We have intruduced a screen capture feature, by which you can capture the screen to create a PDF. Very nice!
  • We have introduced a system tray icon for pdf24 Creator by which the new screen capture feature becomes available. We use the tray icon for user informations too, to inform the user about problems.
  • Multi-user support so that PDF24 Creator can run in an multi-user environment is in schedule.
  • We redevelop some core components so that we better support new Vista design.

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