PDF24 Fax and PDF24 Creator improvements

The last weeks we have worked hard to improve the PDF24 Fax Service and the PDF24 Creator.

The improvements of the PDF24 Fax service are:
- You can send faxes to more target numbers
- You can register own fax numbers to receive faxes by E-Mail

The second point (private fax numbers) is not possible in the free offer of PDF24 Fax and therefore we introduced a paid fax alternative. In paid fax you can purchase tariffs where you get some contingents to register fax numbers, send faxes, get a fax storage and more.

The free offer still exists. All user starts with a free account. You can send a limited number of faxes each month. Receiving faxes is not possible. If you want to receive faxes with PDF24 Fax or if you want higher limits then you have to purchase a PDF24 Fax tariff.

The paid fax features are the first thing which we can't offer for free and paid fax is the first thing to get some money back which we have spent over the last years since the beginning of the free project and all of the free features and also the free PDF24 Creator and which we need for the future development.

The next days we will add some more payment methods because currently we only have the German Lastschrift payment options which is good for Germans but not good for people in other countries.

The next version of the PDF24 Creator is also in our pipeline and well be available the next week.

Have a great day and tata for now.

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