How can I steer the process to export to PDF by forcing it to use PNG files (Flate filter)?

I have a set of reports using small size PNG files. If the PNG files are converted to JPEG they get considerably bigger (from around 100 KB they grow to 1 MB or more) and the final pdf document as well.

On the profile settings, I have created a new profile, and on the Format properties for Compression I set the filter to be Flate for all images (color, grayscale, and monochrome).

When exporting documents using this profile I get inconsistent results, with some documents using the Flate filter and others using the JPEG filter.

On tests with a report containing only one PNG image, the exported document is using the JPEG filter for any PNG image bigger than 2.2 MB. With the online tool, I get exported documents with the Flate filter for PNG images up to 5 MB.


robertok Asked question 2021-06-24