Via a command line like "C: \ Program Files \ PDF24 \ pdf24-DocTool.exe" -join -noProgress -profile "default / good" -outputFile "E: \ TEST_PDF \ TEST.Pdf" "E: \ TEST_PDF \ Foto1. JPG "" E: \ TEST_PDF \ Foto2.JPG "
I am creating a pdf file. How can I find out what size the pdf file will be at the output. I can put more ".JPG" files or less in a pdf file. I know the sizes of the ".JPG" files. I have a limit for the PDF file (for example 30MB). How can I understand: How many ".JPG" files can I put in a pdf file?

draspopov Posted new comment 2021-10-07

How do you know how much weight a photo will lose and how much weight to add pdf?
With the Average quality, I put 100 photos of 0.12 mb each and get 20 mb PDF. I put 15 photos of 3 mb each and get 3 mb pdf.
How to guess the size of the PDF file you are creating?