Can you change the text that is displayed by the Please Wait window in the PDF API?

Hi there - I LOVE your PDF API, but Im wondering about the message that is displayed while the user is waiting for your service to generate a PDF. It currently says The PDF is being created. Please have patience for a moment.

While I understand what this sentence means, is not a phrase you would ever hear in conversational American English (is this a British way of saying it?). A more typical expression might be Please be patient. or Please wait a moment. or Please wait while the PDF is being created.

Would it be possible for you to change the text on that window to make it a sound like a conversational (American) English sentence?

Again, I love your product, Im grateful that you even have it in English in the first place, and will continue to use it regardless of if you change the text or not, but me (and my clients) would really like to see the text updated.

If you are unwilling to change the text, would it be possible to pass in a string to the API that could be used to display a custom message?

Thank you!

Stefan Ziegler Changed status to publish 2018-06-14