I am trying to use PDF24 Creator with Autodesk Revit. In the print/publish function in the program there is options to set the output directory and the filename for the printed PDFs. Is there a varible to set in the Output directory setting in PDF24 settings to set the folder name from the program? The variable $fileName seems to work fine for the file name. The printed PDF get the filename from the program. But i can't find any variable to get the folder name from the program.

From Revit

  1. Printer Created with PDF24 Creator
  2. Setting in the program for Paper Size, quality etc.
  3. Output Folder
  4. File name. Options for the program to generate file names from settings in the program.

Stefan Ziegler Posted new comment 2024-02-27

What I am looking for is a placeholder called $folderName or similar under Output Directory. Or is there any other way?

The fileName is derived from the print job name but there is no variable for the folderName. Most of the time a folder name does not exists because not available in the print job name.