Here are the steps that I took.
1. Choose Edit PDF from the menu grid.

2. Click Tt in menu bar.

3. Drag the Text frame next to Name on the form.

4. Click inside the Text frame.

5 . I start to type but it doesn't echo it back.
What do I need to do to enter text?
I backspace over TEXT. It accepts that. Now it echoes back what I type, but the font is too big.

6. I select what I typed and see if I can change the font size
I backspace over the 40 and type 12. I see that the name text has disappeared.

7. After a short wait, the Name re-appears, but 12 is too small.
I try 20. Backspace again and press ENTER. 20 is perfect.

8. It needs to be re-positioned butit won't let me move it.

How to do that?

TIA for your help.

phil0925 Asked question 2021-10-28