Version 2.8.0 of free PDF24 Creator is comming soon

A new version of the free PDF Creator software PDF24 Creator is comming this week. The main new feature of this version is a small and fast preview in the assistant. The preview gives you a fast overview of the created PDF. You can look at the preview to make sure that everything is correct.

The new version contains also some minor new features and bug fixes. It is now possible to change the name of a document in the editor. Another new feature is that when you want to email a created PDF the you have to enter a name for the file which will be attached to the email.

We have also removed two bugs. There was a focus problem when emailing a PDF using MS Outlook and there was a bug when sharing the PDF printer between a network.

There are also some enhancements in the new version. The preview in the editor is now faster and flicker free.

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