Window 'Setup - pdf24' step 'Installation wird beendet...'

Startseite Foren PDF24 Creator Installation Window 'Setup - pdf24' step 'Installation wird beendet...'

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    On 'Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional' Version '5.0.2195 Service Pack 4 Build 2195' with 'PDF24 V1.2' installed

    1. Action: Install 'PDF24 V1.2.3' over existing version.
    Window for installation PDF24 works until step to complete installation has made progress bar full, but window does not close or give any further info. -> Could solve hang of window only by ending task with Task-Manager.

    2. Action: Rerun install for 'PDF24 V1.2.3'.
    Error occurs because an install/uninstall had not completed. Text reads further that a system restart is required.

    3. Action: Restart System and rerun install.
    Same result as in 1. action. A test to print with output on printer 'pdf24' fails wit error for "\\.\pipe\PDFPrint" and using option 'retry' gives same result time and again.

    4. Action: Use unins000.exe of PDF24 to uninstall.
    Some objects cannot be deleted and exe cancels. After logout with my administrator and login - Directory 'pdf24' including two left objects deleted with Explorer.

    5. Action: Same as 3. action.
    Error is still the same - What is wrong? What can I do? Would appreciate Your help - thaks.


    Applied the tip and created a new pdf24 - still the same error when printing to pdf24.



    we are sorry that you have problems to install the pdf24.

    if you install pdf24 you have to wait until the installation is completed. Maybe after the installationbar shows 100% the install process still can run a few seconds maybe minutes.

    At the end of the installation of all program files the printer will be installed. This takes a litte time.

    Dont stop the install process!

    After the installation ist complete an everything is configured the installer shows you a message that the installation has completed successfully.

    If the installer completely hangs up.... then maybe there is somthing incompatible and you should not install the pdf24

    Best regards

Ansicht von 3 Beiträgen - 1 bis 3 (von insgesamt 3)
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