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    robbie d. clark

    I do not see an option under preferences to deal with saving over an existing PDF without adding a (1) to the filename and creating a "copy". I am curious if this feature might be implemented in later versions, or if there is a workaround. Basically I am automating the creation of PDF's from Excel files as a way to archive them. When a change is made to the .xls and I re-convert it into a PDF, I want the original PDF overwritten by the new version without adding a (1) to the filename. I would appreciate any feedback on this.


    I have another problem. Enabled AutoSave file. The program "N" sends the documents to print with the same name. For example, if I want to print 10 pages, then I get only 2 files, for example:
    02-09-2014 20-01-22 document.pdf
    02-09-2014 20-01-22 document (1).pdf

    I understand that printing time lasts 1 sec. When the document with the same name pdf24 substitutes (1), and then just overwrite the file.

    If you type in the template parameter in milliseconds file name, it can help.
    Or enter through numbering.

    Sometimes you need to print 100 sheets program "N". Without automation is not indispensable.


    You can use the ${id} placeholder in newer versions which is replaced with a identifier to overcome the date restriction.


    I have a similar problem.
    Then I want to use ${id}.

    But I don't understand what is ${id}.
    Could you show me the rule of ${id}?
    Is it 8 characters? Each character is capital letter or number.
    And is it process id or something?

    I need to handle the pdf using the file name in next process.


    kinda wanna push this. i have some pdf files which i want to compress. so i created a custom profile and use it like this in the cmd line:

    Get-ChildItem "C:\Users\curUser\Desktop\pdftest" -Recurse -Filter *.pdf | % { & 'C:\Program Files (x86)\PDF24\pdf24-DocTool.exe' -applyProfile -profile "user/wwExport" -outputFile $_.FullName $_.FullName}

    it works fine, but it does not overwrite the source file. i get fileA (1).pdf  for example. I need some option to overwrite the source file. is there any option? I hoped if i set the outputFile same as the source File it will get overwritten but sadly not.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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