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    The PDF24 Creator uses languages files to translate the text of the software into different languages. The languages German and English are provided by the PDF24 team. These two languages are always up to date and contains all language parts.
    We are looking for persons who can translate into other languages based on the German or English language file so that we can provide as many language files as possible.
    We are also looking for persons who can correct/update existing language files because it can have changed something in newer versions of the program.

    The language files of the PDF24 Creator are located in the folder lang in PDF24 installation directory, e. g. C:\Program Files (x86)\pdf24\lang. All language files have the suffix .lang and can be edited with a text editor.

    The latest language files can also be downloaded as a zip package: PDF24 Creator Language Pack
    The language files in this package can be used for your translations.

    To translate a file into an other language copy one of the files German.lang or English.lang, rename the copied file, open the copy in an text editor and translate all language parts line by line. Lines which starts with a # don't need to be translated because these lines are comments.

    Language files are encoded with UTF-8 with BOM.

    Each line which needs to be translated contains a language key and a text. The key and the text are separated by a = letter. Only the text must be translated. The key is a unique identifier used by PDF24 Creator to find a text element.

    Here is an example:

    # PDF Quality
    general/pdf-quality = PDF Quality
    general/quality/low = Low Quality
    general/quality/medium = Medium Quality
    general/quality/good = Good Quality
    general/quality/best = Best Quality

    In the example above general/pdf-quality is a key and PDF Quality is a text. Only the text PDF Quality must be translated.

    Please send us your translation(s) to team@pdf24.org. After a short check we will integrate your language file into the PDF24 Creator setup.

    Already translated language files sometimes contains the letter sequence #!. This sequence has special meaning. Lines marked with this sequence are new and needs to be translated. If we add new text elements to the PDF24 Creator then we add all missing text elements to all available language files and mark these lines with the letter sequence #!. The added elements are from the English language file. These marked lines are not yet translated. Thus, translator can quickly find missing parts and can translate only these lines without scanning the whole file. After you have translated a not translated line, please remove the #! letter sequence from the beginning of the line.

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